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About MingCeler


MingCeler is the first company in the world to successfully industrialize Tetraploid Complementation (TurboMice ™) technology, for use in laboratories and industries.


Customized Model Services

MingCeler is committed to the development and application of the most advanced next-generation animal model technology

Through the industrialization of TurboMice™ technology, we can provide high-end model mice products and services for global universities, research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies involved in life health research.

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  • Efficient Tetraploid Complementation Efficient Tetraploid Complementation(2)

    Efficient Tetraploid Complementation

    The world's first team to industrialize Tetraploid Complementation technology.

  •  Top Experts Design From Source  Top Experts Design From Source(2)

    Top Experts Design From Source

    Our experienced team of experts are involved in the genetic editing strategy from the beginning of project.

  • High Success Rate Gene Editing Platform High Success Rate Gene Editing Platform(2)

    High Success Rate Gene-Edited Platform

    High-efficient gene editing technology and mouse embryonic stem cell technology.

  • Intellectual Property Protection Intellectual Property Protection(2)

    Intellectual Property Protection

    We have independent intellectual property rights on our unique TurboMice™ technology and have applied for patents in China and overseas.

  • Advantages of Complex Models Advantages of Complex Models(2)

    Advantages of Complex Models

    When building complex models, TurboMice™ technology has shown significant advantages, reducing time costs from about 2 years to 3-5 months.